Hi there! Nice of you to show up in this quiet corner on the outer left spiral arm of the web.
Here, I will once in a while drop some lines on programming, birds, and other things I may think of to share with anyone who might care to read them.
As the url of this page already suggests, my name is Michiel Noback.
I work as bioinformatics lecturer and researcher at the Hanze University of Applied Science in Groningen, the Netherlands.
The courses I teach are several things Java, and some intro Python. I like Python, but love Java.
Besides my lecturer position, I own a small freelance company, Cellingo.
My joys in life are my wife, my son, the garden, birds and acting.

As a bioinformatics lecturer, I teach a few courses of Java. When grading the assignments of my students, I am quite often treated to some mindboggling pieces of anticode. I will once in a while share the nicest, ugliest, hilarious or most surprising of these in the series The Anticode Demos.